Types of Garden Planters for Easy Gardening – Which One Will Work Best for You

Whether you grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, that means you are a gardener.

To be a gardener, you need a garden.

Gardens typically refer to a plot of land – at ground level – where people grow plants and vegetables.

However, with the variety of garden planters available today, you do not require a large plot of land in order to have a garden.

Planter Pots

If you want to garden, you can. As long as you have room for a planter pot, you can garden.

It really is as simple as that.

One of the easiest ways to get started gardening is with a garden planter pot.

Arabella Swirling Vines Indoor and Outdoor Resin Planters on Deck
Large garden planters hold lots of soil so that many plants can be planted at one time making for a beautiful display on any deck or outdoor space.

Some of the many advantages of garden planter pots are the following:

  • Planters are great for decks and people with small yards.

  • Planter pots are perfect for those who do not want a large garden to look after.

  • Many things can be grown in planters – flowers, most herbs, sweet bell peppers, and even tomatoes (as long as the planter is large enough).

  • Garden planters can easily be moved around depending on the sun exposure required and the sun trajectory in your yard, deck or patio.

  • Planters tend to be very decorative themselves and therefore can add a touch of style and decor no matter what is planted in them.

  • Garden planters come in an endless variety of styles, colors, sizes and materials – ceramic, galvanized metal, resin, faux clay, plastic, cement to name a few – to suit your style desires and practical needs
Manor Fiber Clay Square Planter Pots with Distressed Wood Finish
Even though these planters are shown with flowers, they can certainly be used for planting most herbs and certain vegetables.

Here are some of the features of these decorative fiber clay garden planters.

Manor Fiber Clay Square Planter Pots with Distressed Wood Finish Features
Complete with all of the wanted features of a planter pot including having a necessary drainage hole, being porous for breathability and being very lightweight for easy transport to different locations.

Place these planters in a grouping for a designer look or spread them out using them in different locations around your home and yard.

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If you like to garden, regardless of the size of your outdoor space – whether you live in a house, on a farm or in an apartment – you probably already own a garden planter pot or 2.W

Why not add to your collection this year with a new garden planter pot – maybe a larger one, perhaps one of a different color or even one to put in a different spot this year.

Easily add to your gardening and garden size – as well as adding a decorative flair – by adding as many planters as you have room for.

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Raised Garden Planter Beds

A relatively new gardening idea for homeowners with some outdoor space is the raised garden planter.

Because these planters are relatively small – compared to a large garden plot – they do not take up much space. Hence, they can be installed in just about anyone’s yard.

Stackable Galvalume Steel Raised Garden Bed in Brown
Because of its depth and size, this large oval raised garden bed can be used for both flowers and vegetables. With a 24 inch depth, even tomatoes can be grown in this raised planter.

Here are just a few of the benefits of raised garden planters.

  • Raised garden planters are an easy way to get a garden plot in your yard without all of the digging required for a garden on a plot of land.

  • Raised planters are small and compact so they can fit just about anywhere, in anyone’s yard.

  • One of the best benefits of raised planters – in my opinion – is that they are easier to work on than a ground level garden. There is much less bending and kneeling for weeding and tending to the garden.

  • Taller garden planters will keep out various garden-eating critters. As long as they cannot crawl up the sides, they can’t reach your prized garden goodies. My raised garden planter is about 24 inches high and it keeps out my ever-present ground hogs.

  • Raised garden planters also ensure less weeding. Because they are raised off the ground, there is less chance of weed seeds or spores to be embedded in the planter soil and grow.
Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Planter Beds in Various Shapes and Sizes
Choose your raised garden bed size, install in your yard, fill with planting soil, and start growing.

A great place to buy a raised garden planter is the online merchant, Sunnydaze Decor.

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Portable Raised Garden Planters

If you do not want to permanently install a garden planter box on your lawn, you can opt for a portable raised garden planter – with the portable being the key.

A portable raised garden planter comes with a square or rectangular deep planting base but, is portable – or moveable.

This means that you can place it wherever you want or wherever you have the space – right now. This may change next year or the year after.

Galvanized Steel Mobile Raised Garden Bed Cart in Black
Take this raised garden planter with you wherever you need to…or just leave it in one place. With the handy bottom shelf, you can use it as a handy storage area for your garden tools.

Here are a few of the reasons you may want to purchase a portable raised garden planter this year:

  • Portable raised garden planters are great for anyone who does not have a dedicated space for a garden plot and wants more space for a garden in one spot than a planter pot.

  • Raised portable planters are larger than a planter pot so you can plant more things in one single area – making for easier weeding and tending. Being in one space also means one convenient watering area.
Raised Wood Garden Bed Planter Box with Shelf
While this raised portable planter does not have wheels for transport, it can be placed wherever you like at the beginning of the season. Once it is filled with soil and plantings, it will become a little less portable.
  • As with the ground installed raised garden planter bed, this type of raised planter is much less susceptible to fly-away weed seeds and spores, leaving you with less weeding to do overall.

  • One of the nicest reason to use a raised portable garden planter is described by the key word, raised. A raised portable planter is typically at waist height making weeding, watering and tending of your garden super easy. This means gardening while standing. Standing while gardening is much less stressful on your knees and legs – something many people complain about when talking about gardening.

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Pick your Planter and Get Gardening

Whether you want to garden with some flowers or fruits and vegetables, and you are not really interested in or have no room for a large garden plot or bed, you can easily do this with the help of some garden planters.

Choose the right planter for space and needs. That can be some classic planter pots sprinkled around your home and yard, a raised garden planter bed in your backyard, or even a mobile or portable raised planter which can be placed wherever it suits.

Whichever ones you choose, let’s get gardening with some new garden planters!

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