Custom Shoe and Boot Closet Organizer

The Great Wall of Shoes

Hey shoe lover! And you know who you are!

You can have a Great Wall of Shoes in your life today!

You obviously love your shoes…(and don’t forget about the boots – they deserve love too…but…you know that!)

Now for something that you love so much, how well do you treat them? Are they packed up in a pile at the bottom of your closet – almost unable to breathe? Are they stuffed on the top shelf of your closet – piling up with dust?

Are they so neglected that you don’t give them equal time?

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Ok…ok…I realize that I am making your shoes sound human…but….for some, I think they are like their children.

All of that to say…why do you still treat your shoes and boots badly…when you don’t have to!

Treat Your Shoes Right

You can give your shoes a new, beautiful custom home…and fairly easily…because you know that they deserve it!

The only real constraint is the space you have…or maybe I should say, the space you MAKE for your shoes.

Ok…enough dreaming. Let’s get down to some real shoe business.

You have to figure out how much room you actually have to build your shoes and boots a new home. For example, maybe you currently have a large walk-in closet with 3 usable walls yet as is common in many walk in closets, only 2 walls are actually used. And most often, especially with new home builds, these closets do not accommodate custom storage for shoes.

So, in this instance, you probably have wasted closet space – if you consider shoe and boot storage and organization to be an important part of your closet. But, you can change that.

Shoe Storage in Large Closet
Take part of your closet and turn it into custom shoe and boot organizer and storage.

You can take the portion of your closet which is not being utilized as much as it should and transform that section into custom shoe shelving.

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If you are a lucky one and are building a new home which will include a walk-in closet, make sure that you incorporate space and shelves in your closet to house all of your shoes and boots. You can even use a full wall of your closet to build your great shoe wall. For a true shoe lover, this is the way to go.

The Great Wall of Shoes Custom and Adjustable Shoe Shelving Unit by Easy Closets
For any shoe lover, who wouldn’t absolutely love this tremendously fabulous great shoe wall!

And even if you don’t have a walk-in closet or you have a very small walk-in closet with little room to spare for a large shoe display case, you may be able to find another space or standard closet in your home to ‘takeover’.

You may be able to find some space in your front entrance hallway closet for you new shoe home. This may be quite practical as you usually only put your shoes or boots on just before you leave the house. If you are able to do this in your foyer closet, you may not enjoy it as much…as really…how much time will you spend in your front entrance admiring your shoes and boots? You might but, people might start to wonder about you 🙂  But, take your custom shoe space where you can get it!

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I would even argue that the shoe wall shown here is so practical and more importantly, beautiful that it can be seen as a piece of artwork – a fabulous piece of wall art. You know what that means…you don’t even need a closet space to take over…you only need an empty wall.

Now that you have found a space for your new, great shoe wall – the where – you need to figure out the how’s, what’s (sizing of the custom shelving), and who’s (your shoes and boots).

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Take Stock of Your Shoes and Boots

First for the who’s of this story: Just how many pairs of shoes and boots do you have? Really. You should count the number of pairs of shoes and boots you own. This will help determine just how much space you need for your great shoe wall. Maybe it will be determined that you don’t really need a full wall – but, I doubt it.

If you are reading this…it is probably much more likely that you will not have enough closet space for the number of shoes you actually have.

So, your hoard of shoes and boots doesn’t really matter…let’s just get that wall built…well, not quite so fast…we are almost ready.

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Types of Shoes and Boots are Important

You may have counted all of your shoes and boots, but you should also note the types of shoes and boots you have.

For example, how many pairs of tall boots do you have? How many pairs of sneakers do you own? How many pairs of stilettos do you have? And, how many pairs of ankle booties are in your shoe stash?

You should verify all of these numbers to determine – for the most part – how much shelving you will require.

As is probably obvious to you, a pair of tall knee high boots will take up more wall and shelf space than a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. So, take this into consideration when you plan your shoe storage shelving.

Before you begin, here are some possibilities for your boots and shoe storage – depending on your needs.

Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving for Ankle Boots and Shoes
Just ankle boots and various heel heights of shoes will fit into this shelf configuration.
Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving for Shin High Boots
For wearers of sneakers, shin high boots and heels, this configuration of shelving will be best for you.
Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving for Flats
If you are an all flats and sneakers everyday kind of person, this adjustable shelving schema will work for you.

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Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving for Tall Boots and Shoes
There is a configuration of adjustable shoe shelving for every need including this one which features room for every type of shoe and boots.
Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving for Tall Boots
Tall boots all the time – or you just want to have a storage space specifically for your boots and only boots.

Imagine installing just one of these shoe shelving configurations or how about installing several of them beside each other. It would be a great way to keep your shoes and boots very organized and super easy to find.

You can also reconfigure your shelves to suit the season. Store away your tall boots which you don’t wear so much in the summer months, and highlight your flats and sandals. Bring them back for the fall and winter seasons while your strappy sandals get stored away in boxes.

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DIY Wall of Shoes – Shoe Storage

If you are building this shoe closet yourself, you can use stock melamine shelving (found at your local hardware store) 12 inch or 30 cm in depth. Buy the kind that has the pre-drilled holes on one side for the shelving. Use the solid boards (no pre drilled holes) for the shelving.

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You can make the each shoe unit the height of your choice….all the way up to the ceiling is great. But, leaving about a 12 inch or 30cm space on top can be useful for handbags and lesser worn shoes or boots, neatly stored in dust bags.

You will also need some shelf clips and more of the melamine stock that you purchased for the shoe closet sides. The melamine boards will be cut to make the shelves. With the clips, you can customize the number and placement of the shelves.

Flat shoes and sneakers will take up about 4″ or 10 cm of space. Boots spacing will vary depending on their ankle, calf or thigh height as well as their heel height. Stilettos may take another inch (2.5 cm) or two (5 cm).

Custom closet with shoe storage
Custom closet for men includes custom shoe shelves. After all, men have shoes too! Note: This shoe closet configuration is a little more complicated to d-i-y build, so unless you are more experienced in carpentry, you may want to stick to the simpler flat shoe shelf version.

For someone who is comfortable with some carpentry, this project is not very difficult. However, I would not classify it as a beginner project – more like an intermediate diy project.

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Easy Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelving Close Up
The beauty of our featured custom Great Wall of Shoes is that it comes with a standard cabinet frame which includes a thicker shelf along with the fully adjustable thin metal shelves which allow for full customization with incredible ease – along with taking up very little of your coveted shoe storage space.

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Custom Shoe Storage Closet

And for those who are not interested in doing any calculations or pulling out any type of tool, don’t worry, you can get a custom shoe home without leaving your home. There are online companies which specialize in these types of custom closets and shoe walls. (I am not sure they call them The Great Wall of Shoes, but I do!)

You can go to their custom closet builder, enter your specific closet measurements, your closet wish list and they will ship it right to your home. Or they will have an Interior Designer help you out with your closet design.

So, don’t delay…save your shoes from neglect. Give them the respect they deserve with a new custom shoe home – and if you are lucky enough, you may end up with a version of The Great Wall of Shoes!

The Great Wall of Shoes Custom Shoe Storage and Display Cabinet
One of the beauties of this Great Wall of Shoes is the specialized adjustable shoe organizer shelves. Sleek, thin, lightweight and easy to customize, these shoe organizers are ideal for any custom Great Wall of Shoes.

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