Outdoor Metal Planters

Metal Outdoor Planters – Some Suggestions

Are you looking for some new outdoor planters for your backyard, porch, front step, pool, deck or patio area? Have you considered buying or adding some metal planters to your outdoor decor?

With the wide variety of metal outdoor planters available on the market today – from very modern, minimalist steel metal planters to rustic rusted copper-look planters to farm-styled galvanized metal planters – you are sure to find the exact metal planter which works for your outdoor decor style.

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As far as exterior durability and weather resistance, most metal planters are ideal. Many metal planters are either made with rust free metal, such as aluminum, or have been finished with a rust resistant finish, such as traditional galvanized metal.

Modern Planters

If you are a minimalist or have a home with a very modern look and feel, you will probably be drawn to a sleek metal planter. You may like a solid colored metal planter with clean geometric square or rectangular lines.

A solid black tall metal planter with a simple rectangle shape will work for a modern, suburban home. Even if the planter is a dark black color, the plants will provide a pop of vibrant color.

Tall Black Metal Planters
Sleek, modern solid black tall metal planters, in multiples, make for a great border planting.

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Traditional Planters

If you have a somewhat traditional house, you may want to opt for a more traditionally styled planter – which will have more detailing on it – but, if you want to add a hint of modern, these sleek black metal planters may work.

White Wash Metal Raised Planter
A traditional all metal planter with scroll pattern and white wash finish is great for a more traditional home.

Factory Rusted Planters

Incorporating some metal planters which have been pre-rusted at the factory will work for just about any home. These pre-patinaed planters will work especially well for a home which incorporates other natural elements. These planters will also work for a more traditional home if you are looking to add a natural, rustic feel mixed with a hint of modern.

Factory rusted exterior metal planters
These factory rusted square metal planters work well in this clean lined modern exterior. Natural elements and simple shapes make it all work together.

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Hanging Wall Planters

If you are lacking in space, you may find useful these wall hanging metal planters. Not only will they be decorative as live wall art, they will give life to a small space.

Metal Hanging Wall Planters
Decorative metal wall planters do double duty – provide some outdoor live wall art as well as potential edible plants.

Portable Planters

If you are just looking for a simple, yet traditional planter, you can opt for a metal planter with a more traditional shape and style.

Faux Patina Finish Metal Planter Pot
This traditional styled exterior metal flower pot is painted with a faux patina finish.

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Colorful Planters

For those looking for a planter which will add its own pop of color,  you can choose a solid painted metal planter. These are available in various bright colors such as orange, red and yellow – sure to add that punch of color to your veranda or pool patio even without any plants in them.

Bright Colored Aluminum Planter Box
Aluminum Planter Box in bright orange will provide instant color to your outdoor space. Not only do you get that color pop, this planter box is lightweight and will never rust.

Polished Shiny Planters

For a cleaner, polished industrial look, you may opt for a planter done in silver metal. The silver color keeps the look modern while the rawness of the metal adds a nod to the industrial to the look.

Planters with raw edged metal in tapered geometric shapes
Planters with raw edged metal in tapered geometric shapes work for clean sleek exteriors. These would look great on a front step or porch of a dark colored or black house.

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Hammered Finish Planters

Another option for a clean sleek look with a bit of softer detailing, these silver aluminum planters have a hammered finish. Because they are round and have a silver hammered finish, they work well in a bohemian or soft space.

Stainless Steel Planters

For the ultimate in luxury metal planters, stainless steel can’t be beat. Not only will you get a decorative, shiny silver metal planter pot but, you will be rust free for a lifetime. Any stainless steel outdoor planter will maintain its sheen and luster for as long as you own the pot.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Planter Pot
This beautiful stainless steel outdoor planter is highlighted with a hardwood base.

Zinc Planters

Have some room in your outdoor space for some hanging plants or flowers? If you like a rustic homey look, try adding some of these zinc metal hanging baskets. They have a similar look and feel to galvanized metal buckets but, are a little shinier.

Zinc metal hanging planters
Zinc metal hanging baskets are a shinier version of a rustic galvanized metal planter.

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Unique Themed Planters

If you think there are only the standard designs of hanging baskets available today, think again. There are many unique hanging planters available today. This globe shaped bird-cage like planter will look wonderful filled with a few herb plants. Hang 4 of these on the corners of your gazebo with scented herbs for a wonderfully scented, and attractive, outdoor seating area.

Unique globe shaped planter
Unique globe shaped planter has a bird cage look – perfect for growing some herbs outdoors.

Window Box Planters

To add some interest to your windows, try introducing some window box planters. They are available in just about every color and size. These copper plated window boxes will add a hint of splash and class.

Copper Plated Window Planter Box
Simple, somewhat subtle and very classy.

To compare the copper plated finish window box or wall planter, take a look at this rustic metal wall planter. Both done in metal…completely different look.

Rustic Worn Window Wall Box Planter
Rustic factory rusted and worn detailed metal window box planter. Would look beautiful on a stone home or wooden farm house.

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Whimsical Planters

If you are looking for a truly whimsical and fun backyard garden pieces, take a look at this rustic planter. Made to look like a pull cart or wheelbarrow in galvanized metal, this will add an artistic whimsy to your garden. Add some other old, recycled or re-purposed items like an old cast iron bathtub to make a floral focal point in your garden.

Galvanized metal themed bucket planter
Have some fun in your garden with this old fashioned galvanized metal wheelbarrow or large barrel on wheels. Flowers flowing over the sides of this metal planter will add whimsy and fun to your outdoor space.

Raised Garden Planters

If you are a gardener and are looking to have a small raised garden, you may consider this beautiful steel raised garden planter. This rustic finished metal raised garden bed would be perfect for just about any type of outdoor decor. It will work equally well with a modern home or because of its rustic finish, a rustic or traditional home.

Copper finish raised garden bed
Copper finish raised garden bed will look great in just about any yard as well as provide a fresh bounty at the end of the season.

Galvanized Metal Planters

For a truly industrial and / or rustic farmhouse look in your garden, you may like these garden bed planters made with corrugated galvanized metal. The corrugated galvanized steel, because it is used in various farm installations, provides that very farmhouse or country feel.

Galvanized metal raised garden bed
Galvanized metal raised garden bed will add a country feel to your backyard garden…and with a little bit of labour, will give you some fresh veggies too.

Wow…that’s a lot of variety in outdoor metal planters. The shapes, sizes, colors and metals are almost endless. As well, if you opt for some metal planters, you will get the added benefit of low maintenance and long lasting durability.

Add some metal planters to your yard, plant some flowers or plants, and help make your world and ours a greener, more tremendous place!

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