Outdoor Area Rugs for Outdoor Decorating

Thinking about adding a new area rug to your outdoor space? Here are a few tips and tricks for making the right area carpet choice for your backyard deck, patio or pool area.

Why do you want and/or need a new outdoor area rug?

Do you require a new area rug for your patio? Did you just build a new deck or install a new patio and would like to re-decorate with some new patio furniture and accessories? Or are you just looking to have a semi-new, freshened-up look for your outdoor space – which will work with your existing patio table and chairs – or, if you are lucky enough to have one, your existing outdoor sectional?

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Do you have an older deck and the deck boards are getting aged and old looking? Is the finish wearing off of the boards or is the deck paint chipping off? Maybe the deck has faded in the spot where your furniture is normally placed and looks a little less than pretty? In this situation, you can use an outdoor area carpet to temporarily cover the old, dated or worn deck until you are ready to replace your deck completely. This is a very inexpensive way to give your deck a semi-new, longer lease on life.

Add an outdoor area carpet to hide your patio flaws.
As beautiful as this setting and chair is, the patio stones are starting to show their age – via some weeds surfacing. This may be a perfect situation to introduce a decorative area rug. Not only will an area rug highlight the beautiful space but, it will dampen the inevitable growth of those pesky weeds.

It could be that you have an old patio or some old ugly patio stones – you know those ugly but very functional patio stones – those whitish or greyish squares stones which tend to be inexpensive. They look fine when they are new but, once they get a little wear and tear, they tend to soak in and absorb the dirt turning them into a color which pretty much looks like a glorified dirt. Even though they can be washed, they never really get back to their original new-look and lustre.

For any of these situations, adding an outdoor area rug will give you a more finished and upped outdoor décor look – just like a new area rug would do for your indoor living or dining rooms.


Types of Outdoor Area Rugs

The types of outdoor area carpets are of utmost importance. Obviously – or not – any piece of furniture or accessory for an outdoor space needs to be made of a material which is durable enough to tolerate all or most weather conditions – rain, sleet, hail, wind, sun and maybe even snow.

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As with many indoor area carpets, manufacturers do their best to make them durable enough to withstand much abuse – after all, we are walking on them.  Not only do we walk on them outside but, they have to tolerate many harsh weather conditions. As such, area rugs made for outdoors must be made from durable materials – whether synthetic or natural.

Types of synthetic man-made materials used to make outdoor area rugs tend to be polypropylene and poly blends, which are extremely durable and may be less susceptible to fading from the powerful sun’s rays.

Polypropylene Outdoor Area Rug
Polypropylene Outdoor Area Rug do not have to be boring. Bright bold patterns in man-made outdoor area rugs are easy to find.

While these rugs are made from man-made materials, they can be made to look like or mimic the weaves and look of all natural carpets, such as a jute, sisal weave or hemp rug.


Natural non-man-made materials used for making area rugs include jute, sisal and hemp, as examples.  Because these materials are plants and naturally live and grow outside – naturally withstanding all weather conditions – their fibers make for very durable area rugs, which are extremely well suited to an outdoor patio or deck environment.

All Natural Jute Area Carpet
All natural jute hand woven area rug gives a neutral natural look and is ideal for indoors or outdoors.

Today, due to the varying styles and designs of area carpets manufactured for use outside, these area rugs can be used indoors as well. The opposite is not true. Do not bring your wool area rug outside for use on your patio or deck – as much as you may like the look, it will destroy the carpet.


Choose your Size and Style

Now that you know that you either want or need a new area rug for your backyard patio, you need to decide on a color, style and appropriate size.

The choices today are almost endless. You can find just about any type of print or colors as well as a wide selection of sizes tailored to your needs.

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Are you interested in a solid color or printed area rug? This will depend on your existing patio furniture or cushions. If your patio furniture and/or cushions are a plain color, you can opt for an area carpet with a bold print.

Tropical Print Outdoor Area Rug
Tropical print outdoor area rug works great with a patio conversation set with solid colored cushions.


On the other hand, if you have the opposite situation where you have an already tropical print on your cushions, you probably want to keep the area rug a little less bold – meaning you probably don’t want another tropical print rug. A solid colored or close to solid carpet will work better.

Bold Patio Chair Cushions work better with Solid Colored Area Rugs
With bright bold floral cushions like this on your outdoor patio furniture, you probably want to opt for a solid colored area carpet. Easy color options for your area rug would be a beautiful blue, teal, turquoise or a more neutral natural tan sisal jute color.
Solid Turquoise Outdoor Oval Area Rug
Solid colored turquoise outdoor area rug will work great with the colorful print patio cushions.

As for the size of the area rug, please do not skimp on this consideration. As with an area rug in your living room or dining room, there are certain rules you should follow as it relates to the size.


Generally, for a living room or seating area, you want the area rug to be as big or even bigger than the central ‘empty’ area between the furniture pieces. Ideally, the edges of the area rug should be under the furniture legs – or at least really, really close. If you choose a smaller area rug, you may find yourself tripping on the carpet edges as you get up off of the furniture.

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For a dining room or outdoor patio dining set, your area rug should be larger than the table by about or at least 2 feet on both sides. This way, you and your guests will not be stumbling with their chairs on the edges of the carpet when they attempt to move in and out from the table.

Patio Dining Set Area Rug
Patio dining set is highlighted and complemented with a perfectly sized outdoor area rug.

Typically, most area rugs are rectangular in shape. Sizes range from a small area rug for in front of your patio door to a large sized 9 feet by 12 feet – large enough for most patio dining sets. There are also oval and round area carpets available for certain outdoor décor applications.

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So, do not neglect your outdoor space this summer. Go ahead and decorate with a new outdoor area rug. With the addition of an outdoor area carpet – whether you want to make your backyard patio more beautiful or you just want to hide a few deck or patio flaws – you will be likely to enjoy your outdoor space much more than ever before.

Happy Outdoor Area Rug Shopping for your Patio and Deck! With the styles, colors and sizes available for purchase today, you are sure to find the one that suits your needs and décor style.

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