Outdoor Patio Setting - Ready for a Backyard Party

Outdoor Party Prep – For Throwers, Goers and Forgoers

Easy Outdoor Party Prep for Party Throwers, Party Goers and even Party Forgoers

As the summer season comes upon us, we are all thinking of spending a lot more time outdoors. Some of you in warmer climates have been doing this for some time already. We may have something to learn from you.

For those of you in warmer climates, you may be the very fortunate ones this holiday season. You can still plan an outdoor holiday get together as the indoor ones are strongly advised against.

To be safe this year, if you are planning on having a holiday party, you definitely should do it outdoors. Here are some tips for doing just that – seeing family and friends – all while doing it safely and securely.

However, it may just be that some of us in cooler climates take this opportunity to be outside more often very seriously….and as a result, we are quite adept at making sure that it will be just right!

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Regardless of whether you live in a warm or cold climate, outdoor parties are probably on the menu at this time of year. With the help of some statutory holidays for some much needed time off work, there is more time for party throwing and going.

For Party Throwers

Maybe you are the friend or family member who has the big backyard with a pool. You are sure to be or become the favorite outdoor hangout this summer – whether you have ad hoc get togethers with only a few friends or you have a Memorial Day party for family with many, many guests.

More than Just a Backyard Pool

Regardless of the size of the party, if you have the most popular yard in the neighborhood, you need to be prepared. Prepared, how you say? I already have a big yard and pool – what more do I need?

As you are probably aware, your guests will not just be enjoying a swim in your pool. They will most likely be eating and drinking also – after all, that is what makes a party.

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Unbreakable Dinnerware

Prepare yourself for these gatherings with some easy and carefree party essentials.

Opt for unbreakable dinnerware such as melamine plates and plastic cocktail cups . This way no-one, if they tend to get ‘silly’, will have an accident on your patio with a breakable plate or glass.

Melamine Dishes Set
This very pretty Melamine Dish Set is perfect for Outdoor Parties

Holiday Melamine Dishes

For those of you who may be planning an outdoor holiday celebration, these semi-festive lodgey melamine dishes would be perfect. They would also be great for any time of the year for those of you who are lucky enough to spend summers at a log cabin, lodge or rustic cottage.

This set of melamine dishes by Loon Peak are perfect for any rustic outdoor setting – or for that Christmas dinner being held outdoors.

Outdoor Serving Platters and Trays

In order to move the food and drink easily and efficiently from inside to outside, use serving platters and caddies. For a hamburger and hot dog barbecue, a large tray will serve well to shuttle all of your condiments and fixings in one haul.

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Party Coolers

And as with most parties, there are drinks involved. Whether they are for the adults or the kids, you need to have a cool-ready cooler. You could have 2 coolers – one for the adult drinks – beers, coolers, and wine – and the second for the kids juice boxes and soda pop.

Nuzanto Adjustable 32 Quart Cooler and Table with LED Light
Notice the cooler / table in front of this outdoor seating set. Not only does it act as an adjustable height table – going from coffee table height to dining table / bar height – but, it has a cooler section on the bottom. Not to be outdone, it also has a LED light built in – what more could you ask for.

Comfortable Patio Seating

Now if you are that house with the coolest backyard, you probably already have some patio furniture. Just remember to set it up in an inviting way, like a conversation set, to keep your guests chatting and mingling all night long.

Conversation Sectional Set
Conversations will abound in this round sectional conversation set

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Add an Outdoor Area Rug

Make your space just like your indoor entertaining area with the addition of an area rug.

There is no easier way to pull together an entertaining space than with a large decorative area rug.

It is easy to see in the photo above just how the area rug works to create a more defined seating area within the very large pool patio space.

With the multitude of choices available today – in terms of style, size and outdoor use – you will have no problem finding the perfect area rug suitable for your outdoor patio.

Light Up Your Patio

Last but not least, if you plan to be out when the night falls, make sure to have some light in your backyard with the help of some fun and beautiful string lights to keep the party lit!

Solar Powered String Lantern Lights
Solar Powered String Lantern Lights will Light Up Your Backyard for Long Lasting Into the Night Conversations – for FREE

Incorporate an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Lastly for the party throwers, but certainly not least, why not add an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or a chiminea to your patio seating area.

If you live in an area which experiences cooler evenings, this may be the perfect solution in order to be able to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

17 Stories Harrogate+Steel+Wood+Burning+Fire+Pit
This large metal fire pit by 17 Stories has a lid making it capable of doing double duty. Use it as a coffee table when not using it as a wood burning fire pit.

Not only will a fire pit or fireplace keep you warm outdoors at night, it will add a warm ambiance and atmosphere for just about any get together – just as it does when you light up your indoor fireplace in your home.

For Party Goers

So, you are going to a backyard party! Lucky you! You are the lucky one who gets invited to these backyard parties at the house with the best summer backyard. And of course, you are very appreciative of this.

Bring Some Drinks

To maintain your status, show your appreciation, and keep the invites rolling in, never arrive empty handed! Bring some drinks not only for yourself, but for other guests as well. Here is an idea: for the mixologists, bring a beverage dispenser full of your homemade Sangria mix – a perfectly light and fresh drink for a summer afternoon bbq and swim.

Double Beverage Dispenser
Do double duty with this Double Beverage Dispenser. Perfect for Iced tea, lemonade, watermelon-ade, orange-ade, or more potent adult drinks such as Sangria or Long Island Iced Tea

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Bring a Dessert

If you choose to share a dessert, make sure that it is well presented. Bring your dessert on a beautiful, non-breakable dessert tray.  Depending on how many times you frequent these backyard parties, you may want to leave it for your gracious hosts.

Pack Some Outdoor Games

For those serious gamers out there – you know who you are – maybe you own – or would like to own – some outdoor party games. Cornhole, beer pong, bocce, or other outdoor games? Bring them along to the party. I am sure you will have plenty of takers…not to mention the fun you will have.

Pack a Portable Lawn Chair

And let’s not forget one of the most important things that you may want to bring to an outdoor backyard party – your own lawn chair – a folding one preferably. Your party hosts may be supplying the food, drinks and location but, depending on the size of the party, it may be a BYOC – Bring your own chair. Obviously, it is best to be a folding portable lawn chair so that it can be easily transported – unless, of course you have a large truck.

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For Party Forgoers

Whaaaaaaat? You have no party to go to? Or maybe you just prefer to relax at home?

Comfortable Patio Seating

Whatever the case, you should be enjoying the peace and comfort of your own backyard or patio space – with your own personal patio party. Why not freshen it up with some new patio furniture, or just new cushions for your existing patio set.

Extend Your Time Outdoors with Patio Lights

You may opt for some new patio lights. Lighting your deck or patio makes it not only safe at night but, makes for much more allowable time spent there.

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Patio Furniture Accessories

Making that chaise lounge chair more comfortable with a new lounge cushion may be just the thing you need to get that book finished.

Faux Wicker Chaise Lounge Patio Chairs
Chaise Lounge Chairs (and a bit of wine, perhaps) will make for a perfectly pleasant and peaceful backyard space.

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The only warning for you, the party forgoer, is that if you freshen up your outdoor space and patio furniture too much, your backyard may become the best backyard for a party in the neighborhood! In this case, go back to section 1, The Party Thrower.

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