LED Sleigh Santa and Reindeer Outdoor Decor

Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Want to make your outdoors shine this Christmas?

Here are some fun and easy outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to get you started.

Christmas Lights

One of the easiest ways to add some holly jolly cheer to your outdoors is to add some Christmas lights.

With the wide variety of Christmas lighting options available today, you are sure to find the ones which will work just right for you.

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Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

You will find the newer, more efficient LED string lights in varying lengths enabling you to customize your decor. Coming in a variety of colors, you can choose a single color or mix and match them to create a very colorful, multi-color experience.

Many of these LED sting lights are also available with solar power making them even more efficient. Just be sure you place your power panel in a sunny place.

LED Spritzer Lights with Other Outdoor Christmas Decor
Light up your lawn with LED statues, ornaments, star LED lights and LED Spritzer Lights. What a magical Christmas scene.

As a Interior Designer, the general rule is that a single color lighting scheme will provide you with a more elegant and formal look while the multi-color lighting option will feel more fun and casual.

I would note that you can also use your summer LED lights as well – making them do double duty for you.

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Christmas Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

A super easy way to add some Christmas decor to your front entrance is to add a wreath to your door. Grab a wreath hanger, put it on your door, et voila – Christmas decor. It is kind of like a ‘one and done.’

Christmas wreaths can be purchase in genuine real pine boughs or in artificial pine versions.

The pros and cons of both may be obvious but, here goes anyway.

A real pine bough wreath will look beautiful, natural and even give off a pine scent. It may be more difficult to find the perfect one, it will lose some of its needles throughout the season. As well, you will have to buy one every year. However, if you prefer a natural look, there is really no choice.

Christmas Cheer Wreath with Red Bow
This classic Christmas wreath is done with realistic Scotch and pistol pine sprays highlighted with pine cones and ruby red berries. This wreath even has added LED lights – a great way to decorate and highlight your front door.

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An artificial Christmas wreath has many benefits. It will last you a lifetime. It can be fluffed up year after year to shape it appropriately. You can even add different decorations to it every year for a different look.

If you buy a good one, you won’t have to buy one again. It also assumes that you have the storage space for more Christmas decorations.

Ultimately, both a real wreath and an artificial one can be beautiful – and a super, super easy way to add some Christmas decor to your front door, or outdoor patio.

Remember that with all decorating – both indoors and out – be sure to choose the appropriate size for your space.

Christmas Cheer Wreaths with Red Bows and Garlands in Living Room Window
While these wreaths have been installed indoors, you can see that the wreath sizes have been matched with the window sizes – making it look to scale. The larger wreath in the middle window would most likely be too large for the side panels of this bay window.

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Christmas Swags

A Christmas swag made of pine boughs is similar to a wreath except for the shape.

It is a very easy way to decorate for Christmas and can be bought in either real natural pine boughs or in an artificial version.

Christmas decorative pine bough swags are most useful for hanging off of outdoor light fixtures, at the end of a staircase, or to frame a door for which you would need two.

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Pine Garlands

Garlands are another wonderful and easy way to decorate for Christmas.

The only issue I would mention about garlands is that they do require something to latch onto, or run along without falling down. This just means that they may require more time and effort to ensure they are attached properly and stay in place.

The example of out Christmas swags here has them hanging off of the lights – both of which now frame the entryway beautifully.

Christmas Cheer Cordless Teardrop Swag with Bow Hanging on Outdoor Lights
Christmas Cheer Cordless Teardrop Swag with Bow Hanging on Outdoor Lights

If you have to err on one side or the other, it is best to go big – (or go home as they say). Yes, bigger is better when it comes to most Christmas decorations. Just be sure the decor item you have chosen will fit the space where you are either placing it or hanging it.

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Inflatable Christmas Decor

Another super easy Christmas decor idea for your front or back yard is an inflatable character.

These easy, yet impactful decorations come in a variety of characters and themed items – from Christmas trees, Frosty the Snowman inflatables, penguins, Rudolph and other reindeer, and of course, Santa Clause himself.

All you need to do is put them in place, plug them in and turn them on. Instantly, you have a large Christmas decoration on your front or back yard.

As well, because they are made of a heavy duty poly fabric and are meant to fill with air, they fold away into virtually nothing making them have a requirement for very little storage space.

5 Foot Santa with Reindeer and Tree Inflatable Christmas Decoration
Get the best of all inflatables with this 5 Foot Santa, Reindeer and Tree Christmas Decoration. Ride’em Santa!

This Santa themed inflatable features:

  • Inflation time: 1 minute (you can’t beat that for easy and quick)
  • Includes 1 inflatable with blower motor and LED lights
  • Decorative inflatable Santa and reindeer for indoor or outdoor use

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Sunnydaze Inflatable 4 Foot Penguin Decoration Lit Up at Night in Front Yard
For the love of penguins – this Inflatable 4 Foot Penguin Decoration will light up your front yard or walkway with a cheerful greeting, ‘Tis the season.

All you need to install these fun and adorable inflatable Christmas decorations is some space on your lawn and a plug.

Save 10% off this Inflatable Penguin – hurry, limited time only. Use code: AFHOL2021

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If you have the space, why not add this large 8 foot inflatable Santa Clause to your outdoor Christmas decor. So easy to install and also provides a huge impact.

National Home 8 Foot Inflatable Santa Clause with Gift
This 8 Foot Inflatable Santa Clause with Gift will be sure to make everyone feel welcome when they arrive at your home. Passersby even get a Santa wave – sure to make them smile.

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Christmas Themed Outdoor Front Doormat

One very simple addition you can make to your outdoor Christmas decor is a Christmas themed door mat.

They come in a variety of colors and themes. Choose the one which suits your style best and lay it out. It is as simple as that.

Christmas Themed Door Mats Various Styles and Options
Christmas Themed Door Mats Various Styles and Options

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There are Christmas door mats which can also be monogrammed for that personalized touch.

Wingate Festive Monogrammed Door Mat Styles
These Festive Monogrammed Door Mat Styles are elegant and can be personalized with your family letter.

Now that is Christmas decorating made easy! A personalized monogrammed door mat would also make a great gift for that someone who has everything.

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Christmas Themed Outdoor Throw Cushion

Another very easy way to add some holiday cheer to your outdoors is to add some Christmas themed throw cushions to your outdoor patio seating.

Simply change up your standard outdoor accent pillows for a themed Santa cushion, a reindeer or even a winter themed patterned pillow.

Cypris Custom Gas Fire Table with Christmas Decor in BackyardCypris Custom Gas Fire Table with Christmas Decor in Backyard
This outdoor backyard has been decorated with a Gas Fire Table, comfortable cast aluminum swivel chairs and for the Christmas season, some reindeer themed throw cushions.

This tip, just like for inside, is a super easy way to change your decor to suit the season.

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Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit or Chiminea

For more Christmas holiday cheer outdoors, why not add a fire pit to your outdoor patio?

For most of us, the Christmas season is cooler than usual so an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add both warmth and ambiance. Many people enjoy their fireplaces indoors during the Christmas season – for the very same reasons so why not do it outdoors for a change.

With many adding fire pits to their outdoor patios, the options in terms of style, size and gas type are almost endless.

You can opt for a wood burning fire pit or fireplace for a genuinely rustic feel.

Family Outdoors Gathered Around a Fire Pit
Take your family and fun outdoors this Christmas season with the help of some great patio furniture, holiday lighting, some blankets and a cozy wood burning fire pit.

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Sunnydaze Large Faux Stone Wood-Burning Fire Pit Ring with Steel Fire Bowl and Spark Screen
If you love the look of stone or concrete, opt for this large faux Faux Stone Wood-Burning Fire Pit Ring by Sunnydaze. Looks just like the real thing and comes with the Steel Fire Bowl and safety Spark Screen.

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Or you can choose a gas or propane burning fire pit for ease of use and no need to store and haul wood. With the flick of a switch, it can be turned on and off.

Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit with Sectional on Patio
Even though this fire pit is powered by propane gas, it provides a perfect rustic look for your patio. Now all you have to do is add more Christmas outdoor decor – blankets, outdoor pillows, garlands, swags and some Christmas lights.

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If you want a wood burning fire without taking up a lot of space, you can install a chiminea.

The name, chiminea, comes from chimney which means they are tall and narrow – much like a regular chimney. Therefore, they can provide you with the fire you desire but, leave more room on your patio for other furniture, accessories and guests.

Sunnydaze 6 Foot Wood Burning Chiminea in Aged Copper Finish
This Wood Burning Chiminea in Aged Copper Finish is beautiful in design and function as well as taking up a relatively small footprint on your patio.

Not only can an outdoor fire provide the perfect mood for a Christmas get together on your patio, any outdoor fireplace, fire pit or chiminea can be enjoyed well after the Christmas season has ended.

If you do decide to install a fireplace or fire pit to your backyard, be sure to follow some simple safety rules here.

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Christmas Themed Statues

One of the easiest ways to add some holiday decor to your outdoors is to add a Christmas themed statue like Santa Clause, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, a Nutcracker, Reindeer or even Santa’s sleigh.

Sunnydaze 4 Foot Karl the Christmas Nutcracker Indoor Outdoor Statue
This sophisticated 4 Foot Christmas Nutcracker Statue is perfect for both indoors or outdoors. For your front entrance, he can act as a warm welcoming greeter for you and your guests.

While these decorations are very easy to install, you do need to remember that because they do not fold down or collapse, they will require an appropriate amount of storage space throughout the non-Christmas time of year – unless, of course, you celebrate Christmas all year long.

Christmas themed statues come in, as we mentioned, all types of characters. They also come in a wide variety of materials and sizes – allowing you to choose your desired decor look.

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If you want to decorate your front yard, it is best to choose something large so that it can be seen.

This LED Santa seems to be sleeping on the job – but, even Santa Clause needs a little break every once in a while.

LED Sleeping Santa Lawn Statue on Front Walkway
Install this larger than life LED Sleeping Santa Lawn Statue on your Front Walkway. He will be sure to bring on the smiles especially for the young children in your life.

For your front step or porch, you can opt for something a little smaller so that the scale is appropriate.

Just like indoors, the size of your decorations should match the size of your room or space. If you have 12 foot ceilings in your living room or grand room, you should not choose a 5 foot Christmas tree. It will be overwhelmed by the high ceilings and look awkward. Go for at least a 9 foot or taller tree for the right feel.

The same applies outdoors. If you have a very large yard and add a small statue, it will hardly be noticed. Be sure to scale your Christmas decoration to the size of your outdoor space.

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Let’s Get Christmas Decorating – Outside

Whether you choose to go all out with large LED lighted Christmas statues, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, a large inflatable themed decoration, or go smaller with simpler decor items such as Christmas themed door mats, outdoor pillows, lights or pine garlands, wreaths and swags – there are many options for your to choose from in order to get your outside home all decked out for this holiday Christmas season.

Happy Decorating – and more importantly, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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