Retriever Needlepoint Dog Themed Stocking

Dog Themed Christmas Stockings

Do you love your dog as much as you love Christmas?

Blend the two and purchase some dog themed stockings for the Christmas holiday.

Whether you get a stocking for your dog-loving self or maybe you get your precious pooch their own personalized stocking. Or maybe you know someone who loves their dog as much as themselves and a dog themed stocking would be a perfect gift for them.

What breed of dog do you have? Which dog breed is your favorite? Or which breed of dog would you love to own?

Here are a few examples of dog themed stockings. Some are geared towards specific breeds while others are more generic – for those all-dog loving dog-people.

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Bulldog Stockings

Shout out to Thor, the Bulldog – for winning the Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show! Congrats Thor…you are stunning.

My favorite dog breed is the classic English bulldog. Not for the faint of heart, the iconic bulldog has been called not the prettiest of breeds. But, perhaps, that is exactly what makes them so lovable.

This beautiful bulldog stocking is made with quality needlepoint and will be a stocking staple for your Christmas mantle for years to come. Sorry – our needlepoint Bulldog stocking is no longer available.

You may want to check out this English Bulldog stocking – which also can be personalized with doggie’s name.

Bulldog Dog Themed Needlepoint Stocking
Needlepoint Stocking with English Bulldog surrounded by Christmas cheer.
This English Bulldog Christmas Stocking is customizable for your special Fido.

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Spaniel Stockings

Another wonderful needlepoint piece, this adorable Spaniel dog themed Christmas stocking is as cute as the puppy on it.

Grab this stocking for your son or daughter who loves Spaniels. Or buy this one of these Spaniel dog themed stocking for your Spaniel puppy him or herself. Dogs like Christmas treats too!

Whatever specific Spaniel breed you own or love, you will love this customizable stocking – paw prints, Santa hat and all.

Cocker Spaniel Customizable Christmas Stocking
Samson the Cocker Spaniel will love his or her stocking as much as you do.

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Dachshund Stockings

You know who you are – the Dachshund dog lover. You can probably be constantly heard saying “Weiner dogs all the way.”

This line of needlepoint dog picture stockings includes this Dachshund sporting reindeer antlers. Who wouldn’t want this little Dachshund reindeer helping to deliver your Christmas gifts?

Here’s what a Dachshund owner had to say about this stocking: “This stocking is not only adorable,it is exceptionally well made and looks very classy yet folksy. Love it!”

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Dachshund Personalized Christmas Stocking will make any Weiner Dog owner thrilled – even more than they already are.

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Black Dachshund Dog Themed Christmas Stocking
For a more subtle doggie themed stocking, opt for this knit stocking with 3 black Dachshunds adorning the front – and let’s not forget the red and white checkered scarf – too cute.

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Bichon Frise Stocking

One of the most popular small dogs / lap dogs among dog lovers is one of the cutest, the Bichon Frise.

With a face like that, who could not love you? Show your love of your Bichon Frise with this customizable personalized  stocking where little Bichon ‘Samson’ is sporting a Santa hat – in case the cute factor of the breed was just not enough.

Bichon Frise Personalized Christmas Stocking
Bichon Frise Personalized Christmas Stocking – so much cuteness, so little time.

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Pug Stockings

Another very popular breed of small lap dog is the lovable Pug. If you have ever owned a Pug, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Celebrate your love of Pugs with a themed stocking – whether that stocking is for you or your Pug pet.

Please your Pug this Christmas season with a look-a-like beige and black Pug dog Christmas Stocking – and be sure to fill it with her favorite treats!
What a great name for a Pug dog – Samson. Whatever your dog’s name, you can have it embroidered onto your Pug stocking making it custom and personalized.

As one happy Pug stocking owner stated, “The dog loves her stocking! Of course the treats inside help the love affair! Very nice stocking and looks great on the mantle!”

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Beagle Stocking

Another very popular dog breed in the USA is the ever adorable Beagle.

Curious and ready to sniff just about anything out, these adorable family pets will steal your heart at first glance. And how about that howl? Just watch your plate when you have a sneaky and lovable little beagle around.

Beagle Needlepoint Stocking
Will Beagles eat candy canes? They must not or this photo would not be able to be taken – even though it is not really a photo but, a beautiful needlepoint designed stocking.
Beagle with Santa Hat Christmas Stocking can be embroidered with puppy’s name.

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Labrador Retriever Stockings

Another very popular dog breed in the USA is the retriever. Retrievers come in various individual breeds – the most popular being the Golden Retriever and the black Labrador Retriever – although they do come in other colors as well.

Maybe you own one of these lovable Lab creatures – and I mean a Labrador Retriever.

Whether you own one or more – maybe even one of each color variety (Black Lab, Yellow Lab or Chocolate Lab) – you are sure to love their lifelike doggie selves being displayed on your mantle this Christmas.

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Yellow Labrador Retriever Stocking

Another of the retriever breeds is the ever-lovable and joyful yellow Labrador retriever. With its friendly disposition and curiosity, you golden lab may just find a new friend in this adorable yellow Lab Christmas stocking.

How cute is this Yellow Labrador Retriever Dog Christmas Stocking made in the shape of the dog itself. This is so real-life that your yellow Labrador may find himself needing to check out his new friend.
Yellow Lab Checking out his Yellow-Labrador-Retriever-Dog-Christmas-Stocking
So real-life is this yellow lab stocking that this real yellow Labrador retriever feels the need to check out his new friend.

And you know – with a high degree of certainty – that you it will be very difficult to dress up your golden lab in a Nutcracker costume. This stocking with Mr. Nutcracker Golden Labrador is too cute for words.

p.s. If your dog will tolerate an adorable costume like Santa or a Nutcracker, I would love to see the real thing. Please post the photos in the comments.

Golden Lab Nutcracker Needlepoint Stocking
If you love the Yellow Lab dog breed and the famous musical, The Nutcracker, you can have a bit of both with this beautiful Yellow Lab Nutcracker Needlepoint Stocking

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Chocolate Labrador Retriever Stocking

A little less common, but still well loved, the chocolate labrador retriever or chocolate Lab can be featured on your Christmas mantle this year. While only in needlepoint art, these eager to please dogs will probably even let you put that Santa hat on them for a real picture.

Chocolate Labrador Dog Themed Needlepoint Stocking
Chocolate Labrador Dog Themed Needlepoint Stocking

These dog themed decorative needlepoint stockings are made to last years with vivid details and color. They are functional, meticulously crafted and make for a festive addition to any holiday decor. Constructed of New Zealand wool yarn and backed in luxurious cotton velveteen, these stockings will fill your home with idyllic holiday scenery and will perfectly suit all of your decorating needs.

For a more custom version of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever stocking, you can choose this doggie print themed one.

Chocolate Labrador Dog Themed Needlepoint Stocking
Chocolate Labrador Dog Themed Stocking – ready for personalization

Black Labrador Retriever Stocking

Black Labrador dog owners rejoice! Rejoice – mostly because you own one of these wonderful dogs – but also because you can now have your real puppy and look-a-like too.

Add this black Labrador Retriever themed berber fleece stocking to your mantle this Christmas .

Whether this stocking is for your pooch or for you, either way, it will be a wonderful addition of family to your group of stockings.

Labrador Retriever Dog Themed Christmas Stocking
Black Labrador Retriever Dog Themed Christmas Stocking

Whichever retriever you love – golden being the most popular – you are sure to love and cherish these retriever themed stockings as much as you cherish your retriever – well…maybe not…but, close!

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Golden Retriever Stockings

Whoever has or has ever had a golden retriever will certainly let you know. In my many encounters with golden retrievers, their gentle disposition always seem to be evident – and I am sure one of the reasons golden retrievers are such a popular dog breed.

Celebrate your sweet golden retriever puppy by adding a likeness of him or her on your Christmas mantle this year – in the form of this adorable stocking.

Golden Retriever Needlepoint Dog Themed Stocking
If your Golden retriever or Lab will not let you dress them up (not likely), get your fix of a Santa dog with this Golden Retriever Dog Themed Stocking

Your golden retriever may not take a liking to being dressed up in a Santa hat and neck bow tie. So, get your dose of golden retriever cuteness from this dog themed needlepoint stocking. Sorry, now out of stock.

Golden Retriever Christmas Stocking
If your Golden Retriever won’t allow for some Santa dress-up play, then get your fix with this Santa Hat wearing Golden Retriever Christmas Stocking in needlepoint with New Zealand wool.

Puppy Dog Stocking

So far, we have devoted much ado about certain dog breeds – as popular as they are.

Maybe you just love dogs – period – regardless of their breed. Well, we have a dog themed stocking for you too.

This dog-loving dog-themed Christmas stocking has these cute pooches – almost cheer leading formation style – in the form of a Christmas tree.

Celebrate all of your puppies this year with this all-inclusive puppy dog themed stocking.

Puppy Christmas Tree Stocking

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Non-Breed Dog Themed Stockings

If you cannot find a stocking with your breed of dog on it, you can opt for a more generic, non-breed specific dog themed stocking.

This stocking goes without saying – “Dogs Love Santa Too!”

So, essentially, please don’t forget about your special pooch this season. They love to be loved too.

This non-breed specific dog themed Christmas stocking is both elegant and functional. Fill it will all of Fido’s favorite treats and toys for a woofing-good Christmas.

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For added doggie cuteness, you could purchase these dog bone shaped stockings. If your dog is a beloved ‘mutt’ and does not belong to one breed or another but is a lovable mix of many breeds, these dog themed stockings may be for you.

Dog Bone Shaped Dog Stockings in 3 Colors Hanging on Mantle
Be careful when you hang these bone shaped stockings – puppy might think it is a real one.

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Dog Stocking Holder

Go all out for your love of dogs this season by adding some dog themed stockings to your mantle. To top off those stockings, add this cute wooden holiday dressed dog stocking holder.

This Dog Stocking Holder comes complete with a handy stocking holder as well as a super friendly smile. Yes, dogs can smile!

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Hang Multiple Dog Stockings

If you love more than one dog breed, don’t be afraid to show them all off on your mantle this holiday season. Even if your dogs don’t always get along, they are sure to be as good as gold while hanging on the mantle.

Even Beagles and Boxers can hang out together – on your Christmas mantle, of course.

Multiple Dog Breeds Themed Stockings on Mantle
Create your own mini dog park on your mantle this Christmas – with the added bonus of no barking, everyone getting along and no pooper scooping!

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Dog Up your Christmas Mantle with some Dog Themed Stockings and Stocking Holders

So whether it is a dog themed stocking in the likeness of your own dog or a stocking with the dog you would like to own or it is a stocking with several dog breeds on it for the all-dog-loving person, add some doggy love to your mantle this year with some dog themed stockings.

While you are at it, you may as well add a dog themed stocking holder. It will only add to the dog themed Christmas mantle in your home this holiday season.

It is so easy to do…and the results are so adorable too!

Woof woof! (That’s Merry Christmas in dog language!)

Browse more Christmas stockings!

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Dog Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Don’t forget about putting doggie center stage on your Christmas tree too. With these beautiful handmade glass ornaments, your dog will feel fully appreciated this holiday season.

Dog Ornaments German Shepherd
Handmade Glass German Shepherd Dog Ornament
Handmade Glass English Bulldog Christmas Tree Ornament
Handmade Glass English Bulldog Christmas Tree Ornament
Handmade Glass Black Lab Christmas Tree Ornament
Handmade Glass Black Lab Christmas Tree Ornament

With these ornaments available in a variety of breeds including Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Dachshund, Black Lab, English Bulldog, Cavalier King Blenheim, Cavalier King Tri-Color, Chocolate Lab, Bichon Frise, German Shepherd, Goldendoodle, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pug, Schnauzer, Soft Coated Wheaton, Yellow Lab, Yorkshire Terrier and more, you can fill your tree with one or all of your favorite breeds this Christmas.

Dog Ornaments Various Breeds
Just some of the beautiful handmade glass dog breed ornaments for your Christmas tree decorating.

These exquisite hand blown glass dog ornaments will also make a great holiday gift!

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