Low-Cholesterol Recipes

Enjoy hundreds of heart-healthy recipes that are low in cholesterol but high in flavor.

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Does an Avocado a Day Keep Bad Cholesterol Away?

New Journal of Nutrition study suggests the answer might be yes
By Tim Nelson

The Truth about Heart-Healthy Eating

We debunk five myths about heart-healthy diets and give you truths you can take to heart.

The Skinny on Types of Fats

Moderation is key when it comes to how much fat to eat, but some fats are better for your health than others.
By Maureen Callahan and Karen Ansel

20-Minute Heart-Healthy Meals

Heart-healthy recipes, serving suggestions, plus tips for shortcuts and substitutions.

Fight Heart Disease with Potassium

A new study suggests that getting plenty of potassium may decrease your risk for heart disease.
By Anne Cain, R.D., MyRecipes